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23micron PET


Decorative, Heat Insulation, uv blocking

The mirror tint film is a metallic window film reflecting sun ligh.

Also known as 'one way vision' film.It is visible from the darker side to brighter side,however,it is hard to see from the brighter side to darker side.The contrast bigger,effects becomes more obvious.
It is also as a high efficient product to protect heat from sun light,by reflecting infrared.Lower visible light transmission,higher infrared reflecting,more outstanding on mirror effect.
UV light usually leads the damaging on human skin and furniture.The product blocks 99% UV light,to absolutely avoid this trouble.


1. High heat rate
In the hot summer, it can be separated by infrared, ultraviolet damage to the body, and save air-conditioning energy.

2. To prevent fading of inside accessories
It will enable the car to reduce the fading of goods and decorating. Greatly reduced the fading of goods and decorating in the car.

3. Preserve the privacy
After the film can be effectively protect the privacy, improve the car's comfort, and make it more attractive.

4. Safety explosion-proof
It can effectively prevent the flying glass fragments, ensure belongings and personal safety.

5. Anti-dazzle
It can reduce the solar heat increase, effective in reducing glare, especially in the glare mirror.

6. Anti-scratch
Scrub resistance and durable.

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