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High transparency static cling vinyl WB00TA



180 micron PVC





supermarket&hall advertising window application

Static Cling Vinyl is a  a new type of high-tech glass products which using the optical principle for embossing.The product has low carbon energy saving, resistance to UV (ultraviolet), low temperature resistance, do not use traditional viscose, easy to update, can be used repeatedly, pure and fresh vision, the characteristics of the light is downy, is a new type of decorative materials, fashionable and variety, design and color, rich exquisite patterns, moistureproof, mouldproof, sound-absorbing fuction is strong, easy to paste, durable,and easy to clean.                

  1. Easy to stick on and tearing off, never damage the surface of glass or fixtures, and greatly enhance the reusability of window stickers.
    2. Easy to operate, electrostatic film itself has static electricity, and no experienced person can post it by himself without professional construction.
    3. Low cost and good effection, it can be easily replaced.                                                                         

  2. Static Cling Vinyl can be posted in the Windows, mirrors, computer monitors, glass, refrigerators, car glass, and so on without adhesive, no gum, lightly on to the surface of the decoration, with the hand smoothing can be convenient and easy, without glue environmental protection white electrostatic film is mainly used in car sticker, and each owner's car flag electrostatic paste has become necessary.

  3. Available size : 0.914/1.27/1.52x50m

  4. Ink:UV/Latex/Eco-solvent

  1. Packaging & Delivery

  2. Packaging Details

    carton packing/Roll packing

  3. FOB Port: zhongshan

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